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We offer a variety of different background checks to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

Criminal History

  According to statistics established by ASIS (The American Society for Industrial Security), two out of 10 applicants have criminal records.

Employment Profile researches criminal records on a County, State, or Federal level. We also perform a multi-state criminal database search. The search identifies felony or misdemeanor convictions.

Driver Record Abstract

  If driving is a part of an employee's job description, it is advisable to check the employee's driving record before hiring.

A driver record abstract can be secured from any state by Employment Profile to verify that the license is valid, and identify violations, accidents, or suspensions.

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Social Security Number Trace

  Research is sometimes needed to confirm information supplied on a job application or resume.

A Social Security Number Trace identifies the name associated with the given social security and also verifies the present address and former addresses.

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Education Verification

  Many people embellish their resumes to attempt to advance their careers or impress others. It is important to be certain that the degrees and educational information are correctly listed on a resume.

Post secondary degrees can be verified to insure the accuracy of education listed. Employment Profile can also secure transcripts from institutions of higher education.

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Professional License Verification

  All professional licenses should be verified to insure that the license is current and in good standing, as well as identifying any disciplinary actions or suspensions.

Employment Profile verifies a variety of professional licenses including (but not limited to) medical, nursing, accounting, real estate, architecture, veterinary, and cosmetology.

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Employment Verification

  Current employer (with permission) and all former employers should be interviewed to verify all dates of employment, job titles, duties, rate of pay, and reason for leaving. Information from past employers should be compared to the information submitted by the job applicant.

Employment Profile's services include employment verification. We know how to ask the questions and interpret the answers from former employers.

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Professional and Personal References

  Most job applicants provide a number of professional and personal references on their resume or job application. Each reference should be contacted.

The staff of Employment Profile interviews references and uses their experience to secure more in-depth background information to help you in your decision.

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Credit History


It is often important to know an applicant's credit history to make solid financial decisions regarding the applicant.

An employment credit report can be secured by Employment Profile to identify the applicant's credit history, method of payment, and current credit standing.

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Workers Compensation Claim Search

  Knowledge of previous worker's comp claims is essential to making good decisions for your business.

A workers compensation claim search can be performed by Employment Profile to determine prior work related injuries and lost time.

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Public Record Search

  Public records for each county provides information about judgments, liens, marriages, divorces, litigation and property records.

Employment Profile has the experience to efficiently navigate the civil record keeping system to find the background information you need.

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Federal Court Record Search

  Like local courts, the Federal Court also keeps public records. Federal records include federal civil and bankruptcy indexes.

We can use our skills and knowledge to get civil and bankruptcy information that is important to you.

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Neighborhood Inquires


Neighborhood sources help you to determine mode of living, reputation, and background.

The staff of Employment Profile interviews neighbors to determine mode of living, reputation, and background.

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Drug and Alcohol Screening

  Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse is a common issue in today's society.

Employment Profile helps you screen applicants that may have substance abuse problems.

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